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Marketing Mediums for Small Business Owners

I have started a Marketing Group for ladies in my area. I am only allowing one person from each industry to take part in the group because I want the members to feel like they can contribute without limits!

In our 1st meeting we covered so many topics. At each additional meeting we are going to dig deeper into each subject & have a different member lead the group!


This means teaming up with other businesses!

How can you join up with other businesses in your area to help each other out??

Why would you want to Co-market?

What are the industries that you would like to team up with?

How can you appeal to other business owners?

My Answers....

I want to team up with other business owners in my area in order to establish myself as a leader in my community.

They can help me co-market because they will share their audience (In person & online) with me & we can take on projects together that we wouldn't be able to do alone.

So far, I have teamed up with ---- Hair & makeup artist - Real Estate Agent - Seamstress - horse trainer - boutique owner - library administrator-- & have found ways that every one of us can contribute to help each other's businesses.

I appeal to other business owners because I constantly produce content & have a very large social media following compared to the size of the town I live in. (3,696 People in Dublin, Texas)


What are some of the ways you market face to face? How do you grab their interest?

I have noticed a trend that if I tell a new acquaintance that I am a photographer they immediately check out or start telling me about another friend who is a photographer.


Many Small Businesses in my area don't even have one! BIG MISTAKE!

I often as clients how they found me.... one this week told me that I was the 1st person he called because of my website!

Do you have a professional looking website that also incises you potential clients to contact you or purchase your product?


How good are you with keeping up on social media? Do you post every day? Are you engaging your audience properly?

Also, are you paying for ads? Or, relying on organic traffic?

What actions are you taking to make your audience grow?


If you want something you should ASK for it! If you have a particular client who is your absolute favorite....the dream client... why not ask them to refer their friends to you? They are more likely to be your dream client as well. Birds of a Feather!!


I built a lot of my business by giving out gift vouchers! If you plan to use this method I would recommend making them either for a specific product or for a dollar amount that is less than 1/4 of your average product.

I also love to donate gift vouchers to auctions! This is a great way to be seen in the community & do something nice at the same time!

What would you like to learn about in order to grow your small business????

If I can do it, anyone can!

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