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My 6 Favorite Places for On Location Portrait Photography in Stephenville

Historical House Museum -

It might sound cliche & EVERYONE goes to the historical museum for portraits. But, if you think creatively you will make people question where you were.

A lot of people, especially newer photographers will plop you in front of the old buildings & make you look like you are a tourist, taking a picture in front of an old building....

This is NOT what we are looking for.

instead, try to give it some mystery & find small nooks for your portraits. There are some great, little known places in this area that so many people miss.

Make sure to call ahead of time as a courtesy to the wonderful workers at the Historical Museum!


Directly behind the Historical House Museum you will find the Walking trail. There is a cute little bridge as well that is very popular. But, my favorite thing to do is get into the WATER when I have an adventurous client! As always, SAFETY first!

If you seek a more urban look there is also an overpass by the museum that you can shoot under!

Downtown -

I don't go downtown often. Usually if I have some time to kill before getting the really great golden hour portraits elsewhere. But, there are countless backgrounds in Downtown Stephenville to play with!

City Park -

I admit, I am obsessed with water! Access at the city park is much easier than behind the historical museum. There are also plenty of other photo ops at the park including the Red brick Gazebo & a lot of nature!

Tarleton State University -

This is one of the most diverse places to have a Photo Session in the Area! I have done more sessions here than anywhere else in Stephenville. There are so many opportunities at Tarleton, not just for seniors but for families as well.

Brick Roads - Long Street

There are some great brick roads in Stephenville. Long street has quite a few options & access to part of the walking trail right on the street! You can also walk to the Historical museum from here!

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