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My New Favorite Wedding Venue & 5 Reasons why - The Photographer's Point of View

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

As a Professional Wedding photographer I visit quite a few Venues in Central Texas.

Some far Surpass the rest of the pack, Brennan Vineyards is one of them.

#1- The Staff

The team at a venue can either make your big day even more amazing OR stress you out to no end.

I was able to meet a few of the staff members at the Vineyard & was greeted kindly & promptly offered a glass of wine. Of course, I was working & had to decline. But, this thoughtfulness immediately put them on my good side.

Becca was with me throughout the engagement session as well as the wedding reception. She was very helpful & knowledgeable during the entire process. She even made sure my plate was saved for me during the 1st dances when I had to rush away from it.

An accommodating staff is a huge priority when choosing the perfect place to spend your big day!

#2- Plethora of Portrait Locations

The 1st thing I search for when scouting a venue would be outdoor & indoor spaces that will work for photographing my couple & wedding party no matter what the lighting situation is.

I have been thrown into almost every pickle you could imagine including absolutely NO outdoor shooting space at a few different venues.

The only trouble you will have at this vineyard is deciding where you want to go 1st!

#3- Rustic but Classy

Most of the venues in Central Texas have a rustic vibe. Some of them are a bit over the top & just don't seem to have a high end appeal.

Brennan Vineyards has a rustic CHARM & an expensive feel that is very welcoming to guests.

#4- Location, Location, Location

Brennan Vineyards is in Comanche, Texas. It might even be within the city limits, it is just a few minutes away from the town square. If you need to run to the store to grab an item you forgot, you won't be gone for long.

Comanche is also conveniently located near Stephenville, Dublin, Deleon, Brownwood & a few other towns.

#5- WINE, DUH!!!

I heard guests all night long raving about the wine & how wonderful it was.

At the Luna Wedding I saw 4 varieties.

Comanche Rose

Austin Street Red

Buffalo Roam

The Protectors

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert:

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Don't trust your Wedding in the hands of anyone who isn't capable.

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