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5 Best Caterers In The Stephenville Area for Your Wedding - The Photographer's Point of View

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

When planning your Wedding there are so many vendors to search for & research.

I wanted to make it a bit easier for my brides. So, I tasked myself with choosing only ONE restaurant in each type of food category.

When choosing, I considered TASTE first, Friendliness of the staff (VERY important to me) & affordability.


R&R BBQ (Stephenville)

Barbecue is a very popular choice for Texas Weddings. There is a well known, more expensive BBQ joint in the area. But, my clients agree that R&R tastes much better. Also, you cannot argue with the great price!


Mi Casa (Gorman)

In central Texas the Mexican food is amazing & the competition is FIERCE! Mi Casa stood out to me because of the strong sense of family that they radiate in addition to their delightful dishes.

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Mi Casa crew at a wedding. They not only wowed me with their tastiness, the Staff was undeniably incredible. Alma & Margarita were amazing to work beside. All of this at a very affordable price!

#3- CAKE

Sweet Creations - Jordyn Lopez (Stephenville)

So, she isn't an actual caterer.... But, she is a fabulous Cake Specialist! Jordyn has made some of the best looking & tasting confections I have consumed!

I met Jordyn in the cake isle at Walmart. I was frantically searching for supplies to make my son's Birthday cake (about 3 hours before his party was scheduled to begin) because my original baker had an emergency.

Jordyn was kind enough to help me find everything I needed, despite her not being a Walmart employee. She didn't even mention her business to me.

A few weeks later I was photographing a wedding & the wonderful lady from the cake isle happened to be in in attendance. She created the beauty in the image below for that couple's special day.


Pastafina (Granbury, Stephenville, Cleburne)

If you want Italian food on your big day, look no further. I have not personally had better pasta anywhere in central Texas! My favorite meals from Pastafina are Steak/Chicken Marsala & the Pasta Combo (Make sure to try the pink sauce too)

Take a look at their Catering Menu


Greers (Stephenville)

If you are looking for some home cooking, Greers has you covered! They select meats with vegetables that are in season, and pride themselves on cooking from scratch. Phil Greer has over 30 years of experience & adds a bit of a twist to the favorites you grew up with.


Handy's Liquor

If you are planning to have a wet wedding there isn't a better place to provide! Handy's is located between Dublin & Proctor. The owners/employees make this small town store feel like home. Jackie, Jim Bob & Tina have gone out of their way for me for over a decade & will defiantly do the same for you! They will happily order anything you need. But, you will need to pick your order up before the wedding, they cannot deliver!

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